Benefits of public transport on our Heath.

Benefits of public transport on our Heath.

It is said that the people who uses public transport are more physically fit and work efficient than those who uses their personal transport vehicles.

Yes!...this is the fact. This is because they don't have to waste their energy in driving car or vehicle in today's crowded road and facing traffic congestion which gives rise to stress.

Here are some observed benefits of public transport on our health-

  1. It is observed that the people who uses public transport are more active than that of other. Because they don't face stress of traffic & pollution.
  2. As a public transport is affordable transport, it save money. It is also safer than the private one. One observation says that in public transport vehicles, due to driving properly and carefully the crashes, accidents risk is very much less than the individual vehicles.
  3. In Public transport you can have free time which can be utilized for reading, studying, entertainment purpose.
  4. "Stronger is the transportation system - Keeps the city healthy". For maintaining city and citizen health, the public transport plays an important role in our life. This is because if the public transportation in city is weak, the more people will use individual vehicles which gives rise to pollution & collapse the traffic system.
  5. The most important factor of using public transport is to increased fuel efficiency. Our government have to spent millions of dollars for purchasing gallons on fuels from other countries. So saving our currency by using public transport is a great work which helps building our nation.
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