Google Celebrating 20th birthday.

Google Celebrating 20th birthday.

Google, the Giant and No. 1 Website company in the world is celebrating it's 20th birthday. Google showed it's new creative doodle on search engine today, which explains google's journey till date.

Google was launched by Lary Page and Surgy Brain on 27 September 1998.

Google is the best search engine in the world available in 150 languages and 190 countries, showing tons of data.

Some important Products & Services provided by Google are-

Google Search Engine

Gmail - Google mail

Youtube - For Popular video.

Webmail - Web Email

Calendar Software

Cloud Storage

Robot assistants

Self-Driving Cars

High speed internet Service


Desktop Computers


Google Maps

Google Assistant

Google Business


Google Groups

Google Places

Google Pay

Google Adwords & Adsense

And Lots more...!

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